This album speaks to the label of EX-Army. When we went to basic training they never prepared us for a day that we would be EX-Army. In fact, we were taught that we would be a Soldier Forever. This album focuses on the repudiation of the idea that after all we learned, after all we experienced, that we could never be EX-Army. New Album “EX-Army Sergeant” available at :Apple Music: An all other online Music Streaming Services.Read More →

Forever Infantry (Official Video). The Greatest struggle once you leave the battlefield is discovering who you are outside of the uniform. Forever Infantry is a repudiation of the notion that you are not what you trained many years to be, you are Forever Infantry Also listen to this song on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all other online music streaming services. New Album “EX-Army Sergeant” available:Apple Music: All Online Music Streaming Services. Music Video Produced by Mason HowardRead More →