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Limited Government Regulations

Governments daily create laws that hinder and prevent the progress civil societies. Daily I will fight to limit Government Regulations and give power back to the people.

Prosperity for all

There’s always peace, when there is prosperity for all. Anxiety is lowered, stress is almost obsolete when there is prosperity for all. The nations of the world are facing the most heightened tension days since their founding. The future is so uncertain, everyday we wake up with a new controversy or new scare during this pandemic and it’s unsettling. There is only one pathway forward, and it starts with creating programs that promote prosperity for all.

Term Limits

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What would you call someone who has reigned over you, made decisions on your behalf, creating laws, implemented laws and had them enforced over you for over two decades? I’d call them a tyrant, a Dictator, believe it or not that is essentially what we have in most of American Government Politicians. Mitch McConnel and Nancy Pelosi have been members of Congress longer than I have been alive.

Prison Reform (Did the Crime, Did the Time)

How many years in prison is enough? When someone does a crime and then does the time, legally they have successfully fulfilled their punishment for their offenses. My bill proposes that upon release former prisoners have all of their rights restored and criminal records permanently sealed. My proposal would let former prisoners enter back into society as freemen, not bound to return to prison.

Military Veteran Transition

The Veteran Transition Bill is a two part plan, Automatic Transference to Reserve Units upon discharge along with Mandatory Counseling for all Military personnel. As a Veteran myself who struggled tremendously after returning home from War in Iraq to becoming a civilian. 

Police Reform - Elect Police Officers in America

Would you be opposed to electing Police Officers? We already elect our Lawmakers, why not elect our Law Enforcers? This would undoubtedly eliminate a lot of the racial tensions in cases involving the Police Departments in America.

Dunson For Congress

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I don’t believe we will ever heal race relations in America until we are all able to truly acknowledge the truth of the past. Slavery is America’s original sin, The righteous thing to do would be to give us some kind of a breadcrumb to aid at repairing and mending the wrongdoings.

Government Funded Trade Schools

Wait, I thought Republicans hated spending Government Money? Well, the Government spends it on pointless programs anyways, we might as well start proposing that the Government spend it on the Everyday Average American, instead of giving tax breaks and incentives to the corporations and the rich. This program will help retrain Average Everyday Americans in trades that are desperately needed around the country. Helping to get Americans back to work.