Laura Ingraham interviews Leo Dunson on Fox News Spike Lee Oscars speech “Shuckin & Jivin”

Laura Ingraham interviews Leo Dunson on Fox News Spike Lee Oscars speech “Shuckin & Jivin.” It was an honor and a pleasure to be a guest on Fox News to speak about the obvious double standard between Liberal Black Elites and the rest of us. They dance and sing for rich White liberal crowds all over the world, showered in champagne and gifts while our people sit in poverty and crime in the ghettos of America.

I took this interview to point out this hypocrisy, as well as to mention. That there is a rising group of Black Americans calling themselves Conservatives. These Americans are standing for the Everyday Average American Black or White. We want to see real change in our communities for every one and not just change for those Black Liberal Elites such as the movies stars, actors and entertainers. 

The segment mostly surrounded “All about me too movement” of current day liberalism. However, it took a turn fast once Laura Ingraham presented the question to me personal. I said in Spike Lee’s Oscars acceptance speech, he mentioned to the audience that in the 2020 election they should vote for “Love and not hate.” We all know that he was trying to take a jab at President Trump, whom has yet to show himself to be the racist, the liberal left claims him out to be, but continues to be painted that way despite residing over the lowest Black unemployment in American History. I raised the question in the segment, that the Democrat Party currently controls 90% of the Black Cities in America, there is high poverty, high crime and poorly ran schools, is that Love Or Hate?