Government Funded Trade Schools

Wait, I thought Republicans hated spending Government Money? Well, the Government spends it on pointless programs anyways, we might as well start proposing that the Government spend it on the Everyday Average American, instead of giving tax breaks and incentives to the corporations and the rich. This program will help retrain Average Everyday Americans in trades that are desperately needed around the country. Helping to get Americans back to work. 

Government funded trade schools, Government Grants, Government Loans, Government Programs to Promote these trades and their incentives. Farmers, Carpenters:

  • HVAC technician.
  • Plumber.
  • Electrician.
  • Landscape designer.
  • Carpet installer
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Insulation installer
  • Painter
  • Auto mechanic
  • HVAC installer
  • Machinist
  • Mechanical drafter
  • Locksmith
  • Mechanical insulator
  • Elevator mechanic
  • Mechanical installer
  • Steam engineer
  • Cargo freight agent
  • Ironworker
  • Line installer and repairer
  • Paving equipment operator
  • Metal fabricator

Believe it or not there is a deficit in America for these trades. There’s millions of unemployed workers but many are unskilled and do not have the means to go to school in order to learn the skills to perform these trades and others. That’s why instead of using taxpayer money to build more prisons, instead of using taxpayer money to continue to bail out the banks, and large corporations. Why don’t for once, we bail out the people? With Government funded grants to attend trade schools, BAH, Basic Allowance for Housing and food stipends for all who apply. Let’s retrain America and get Americans back to work. 

All money borrowed will be paid back just as the Federal Education Program, however, this program is geared more towards Adults than first year students, however students are also able to apply. Giving them a second chance at life and the ability to better themselves and their families in the future financially.


I don’t believe we will ever heal race relations in America until we are all able to truly acknowledge the truth of the past. Slavery is America’s original sin, free labor for hundreds of years, rapping, kidnapping, child abuse, lynching, killing, words honestly can not do justice to the atrostrocities that have been committed against Blacks in America. The righteous thing to do would be to give us some kind of a breadcrumb to aid at repairing and mending the wrongdoings.

My reparations proposal is simple, it is very similar to that of the Military Housing Program. All Black Descendants of Slaves will be given by the United States and opportunity to purchase a home without a Down Payment. The Government would foot the bill on the Down Payment of the home. Now, the home can be of any size, but you must qualify based on your income. No credit check necessary, income based qualification. All buyers are only allowed to have one home loan with this legislation at a time. However, the loan can be used over and over again once paid off.

The biggest reason Blacks are behind in the wealth gap in America is home ownership and business ownership. Black Americans lack the capital to start a business, if it requires purchasing the building and Black Americans on average lack the capital for a down payment on a home. This program would almost immediately mend the wealth gap, without having to transfer wealth from one party to another, it simply adds many Black Americans to the Middle Class and Upper Middle Class along with their White counterparts.

Believe it or not, I stole this idea from then Senator Kamala Harris who proposed it, but she lacked the will to follow through with it. As a member of the United States House of Representative I would advocate for this legislation daily, it is a shame that there is almost 50 members of the Congressional Black Caucus and not one of them has even offered a Reparations Bill or Plan at all for Black People.

Leo Dunson featured in the Nevada Republican Club Monthly Newsletter

Police Reform – Elect Police Officers in America

Would you be opposed to electing Police Officers? We already elect our Lawmakers, why not elect our Law Enforcers? This would undoubtedly eliminate a lot of the racial tensions in cases involving the Police Departments in America. 

Currently the Police Departments have no way of being held accountable by the communities that they Police. If an unarmed man is shot and killed, that officer is only held accountable by his/her superiors. Nonetheless, this is supposed to be a free society. A Government For the People, by the People. A Representative Government. How is it possible that we elect the LawMakers, those who literally create the laws, but we do not elect those who enforce the laws. At the very least the people of each district should elect all Police Captains, Lieutenants and all upper Managements, leadership positions. The Government is supposed to represent the community from which they create laws for, therefore the Police Departments should represent the communities from which they enforce laws over. Otherwise some areas of American society are living under tyranny, authoritarianism.

What if a Police Officer walks into your home without a warrant and tells you to strip down naked? Who holds that Officer accountable, his superiors who he works with everyday, his superiors who do not know you at all. Let’s say the officer says it didn’t happen that way, and you invited him in. Now this is a clear violation of the 4th amendment, however, what power do you as the citizen have in this situation. No power at all. Yet, if we elected the upper management, the leadership, you would have the power to Vote them out and vote in new leadership who would investigate these claims more thoroughly and hold that said officer accountable for his/her actions. 

Theordore Roosevelt envisioned this exact type of police force that I am explaining. One that is of the community, by the community, a part of the community. The goal of Law Enforcement should be to bring peace and how do you do that without equal power. I am for power to the people, all peoples. Limited Government Oversight and freedom to the people. This is what I believe will bring peace to this land and finally help mend some of the racial tensions in this country.

Veteran Transition

As a Veteran myself who struggled tremendously after returning home from War in Iraq to becoming a civilian. This bill is dear to my heart. My Veteran Transition Bill would require all Active Duty Military to serve 2 to 4 years in the National Guard, Army Reserves, Navy Reserves or some Reservatist Unit before discharging from active duty. 

When I left the Military, the biggest problem I had was the culture shock of transitioning back into civilian life. The Reserve Forces would allow for the slow integration of Soldiers back into society while still providing Soldiers with some structure of the Active Duty Military. Most reserve forces only meet once a month, this allows for accountability to the Soldier. These units would keep the Soldier around the commandery of their fellow Soldiers and that brotherhood environment.

The Veteran Transition Bill is a two part plan, Automatic Transference to Reserve Units upon discharge along with Mandatory Counseling for all Military personnel. 22 Veterans a day committ suicide most of these cases can be prevented with counseling, however there is no way to hold someone to seeking the help we all need after leaving the Military. Nonetheless, if we were still attached to the Military in some way after our service, we would be required to seek this resource.

PTSD is real, it has hurt so many lives, it is my hope that this bill helps to save lives in the future if implemented. I know these steps would have helped me, and after speaking to several other Veterans they have all agreed that these steps would have assisted them as well.