America Soldier

With the uniform gone, I kept saying to myself the Soldier is still here. It was the writing of this album that convinced me to keep the name SGT Dunson. There’s a song on this album called “Still The SGT.” After getting out the Military I had nothing to fight for anymore. Even though I was in constant battle after battle.Transitioning back into civilian society was difficult, more difficult than I ever thought it would be. On this album I encompasses all of that from songs like “The Cost Of War” to songs like “Keep Fighting On” and/or “Infantry Anthem.” This album American Soldier is a fight between depression and pride, a fight between quitting and never giving up, a fight between committing suicide and choosing to live. Who will you let win, do you still have it in you to get a 300 on your PT score or did the Army take that, can you still shoot 40/40 in the prone position or did the uniform take that too. This album says you are an American Soldier, ALWAYS. Stand firm, be proud and use the experiences you learn in the military to help you succeed as a civilian .

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