To Hell And Back

Originally titled To Hell And Back; Baghdad, Iraq. This album was written during our extension duty to Baghdad, Iraq. I was apart of the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team our tour was to have ended on 27 July 2006, but the U.S. Army unexpectedly extended the deployment until the end of November 2006. It was there on the extension tour that a friend of mine was shot and KIA SSG Jonathan Rojas, one can’t help but think had we not have been extended to Baghdad he would of still been with us. That kind of pain you carry with you forever. On this album To Hell And Back I speak about being over in country the things we witnessed, the raids we conducted, the fire fights we got into but most importantly I speak about “The guys to your left and right” how special they were to me, the impact they had on me during my time of service will last a lifetime. Yet this album is still very aggressive, hardcore and still one of my favorite albums to date.

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