War On The Home Front

Fully integrated into the civilian population at this time I noticed the real war to fight was back here at home. Veterans treated extremely poorly, combat veterans being placed in jail after doing tours of duty, mass homelessness, depression, anxiety, PTSD. So many different wars to fight on the Homefront but I honestly touch on them all, from the self titled track “War On The Homefront” to “PTSD” which is a song talking about the traumatic disorder in it’s all natural raw form, to a song entitled “War Crimes” which talks about the real “War Crimes” which in my opinion is prosecuting Soldiers for killing people they were sent over their to kill. You never hear anything about the leadership or high ranking officials being reprimanded for any of those actions always the lower enlisted and that’s a War Crime. Yet the album touches on other things as well, this is definitely my most aggressive album to date, it is a rock/rap album it’s hardcore and you get the real feel of SGT Dunson music on this album.

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