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About Leo Dunson

I am a follower of the Most High God and his son Yeshua (Jesus Christ). I am an activist for “Truth” and most importantly for the freedoms of all peoples world wide. I served in the United States Army during the Iraq War. I am passionate about finding solutions that work and solutions that allow “We the People” to live together in peace.


Prison Reform, Veteran Transition, Reparations, Police Reform, the appealing of many Government Regulations, Gun Rights, Religious Freedoms and much more. Check out the where I stand on many of the current issues facing the nation today.


I’ve had the pleasure to be invited too and to speak at many events over the years. Here are some pictures, videos of these events.

Liberty and Justice for all.

"We need more power to the people and less power to the Government"
Leo Dunson
Political Activist

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