This was an awesome event. The goal of #MakeBlackAmericaGreat is in the words. There was a time when Black America was great, when we had little to no crime, when poverty was on the decline, when families were together not separate, when we owned instead of renting, where business flourished.

So my intention is only to get us back to those times. It’s interesting to me to hear people say, why call it Black. Are not Black Americans being shot at record numbers in Chicago? Are not Black Americans suffering from high poverty? Is it not now common knowledge of the disparities in our educational institutions versus those in other neighborhoods? Is it not common knowledge of the sentencing disparities (President Trump spoke of this), the wealth gap and home ownership disparities? I sometimes wonder if people are literally living in an alternate universe.

I said #MakeBlackAmericaGreatAgain because Black America is currently in a poor condition and this was not always the case. This event was designed to freely bring information to those who need it most in order to repair the wealth gap between us and other ethnic groups, in order to get us on the road to having our communities beautification similar to those in other ethnic groups, to allow our streets to be safe like those of other ethnic groups, so that our kids our educated like those of other ethnic groups, so that we own homes at a rate of those of other ethnic groups, create business opportunities and jobs for ourselves like those of other ethnic groups.

Unlike many folks today, especially this new wave on the right that will say a Woman is a Female and a Man is a Male. Yet act blind to see the differences in what it looks like in White America, Jewish America, Asian America versus Black America and then have the nerve to tell me to my face, that when you see me, you don’t see a color, as if you can’t see my color and still see me. (I’m preaching right now) It’s my plan and should be everyone’s plan to assist those who don’t currently share the American Dream to achieve that, just so happens today many of those who haven’t reached this dream of freedom, liberty and prosperity looks like me. A house divided against itself can not stand, so as I said in my speech to #MakeBlackAmericaGreatAgain is to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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