“Make Black America Great Again,” many people have taken contention with the word “Again.” It has been said that “Again” refers to a dog whistle for hatred and bigotry.

Nonetheless, wasn’t there a time when Black American’s own much property, a time when Black Americans not only played Basketball, but owned the whole league, wasn’t there a time when Black Americans own schools, hospitals, factories, nightclubs and bars. Would those times be considered as “Great” and would you like to see that for Black neighborhoods “Again.”

Would you like to see Black America return to that “Greatness” a time when their was little to no crime in our streets, a time when Black Family divorce rates were the lowest among ethnic groups in the country, a time of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

If so, come join us at the first “Make Black America Great Again” event, hosted by Leo Dunson in Las Vegas, NV. We will be discussing this topic in depth as well as solutions to Making Black America Great Again. RSVP https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-black-america-great-again-tickets-70783594637