Term Limits

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What would you call someone who has reigned over you, made decisions on your behalf, creating laws, implemented laws and had them enforced over you for over two decades? I’d call them a tyrant, a Dictator, believe it or not that is essentially what we have in most of American Government Politicians. Mitch McConnel and Nancy Pelosi have been members of Congress longer than I have been alive.

Term Limits are essential. I would say that they are more important to the wellbeing of the American public, than anything else. I’d say with the passage of Term Limits this country could be turned around for the better within the next two elections cycles. I would propose that no member of the House of Representatives be allowed to stay in office longer than the President, that’s a maximum 8 years or 4 terms and for the Senate 2 terms or 12 years in office maximum. This would take a ratifying of the Constitutional Amendments but I am confident that the American people are ready to see fresh faces in Congress.

Prosperity for all

There’s always peace, when there is prosperity for all. Anxiety is lowered, stress is almost obsolete when there is prosperity for all. The nations of the world are facing the most heightened tension days since their founding. The future is so uncertain, everyday we wake up with a new controversy or new scare during this pandemic and it’s unsettling. There is only one pathway forward, and it starts with creating programs that promote prosperity for all. When I am elected to Congress, this will be at the top of my list, this is my signature goal as a Statesman. To daily deliver new ideas to get more money in the pockets of the Average Everyday American.

Somedays that will mean cutting taxes, can you believe we cut taxes for the rich just a few years ago and got bipartisan support to do so. Yet, can’t bring a bill up for a vote to cut taxes for the middle class. Prosperity for all is something that I will live by, it’s literally the whole idea behind my activism today. 

This thread will be constantly updated with more ideas on how we can create Prosperity for all:

  • Cutting taxes on everyone. I see no reason to raise taxes on the top 1% or the Top 5%, this will only enable them to hide their money and find other ways to avoid paying taxes, but we should cut Taxes on everyone in America and find more ways to use Taxpayer money for the Everyday Average Americans. Instead of using Taxpayer money to give more incentive to the Top 1% and 5% of earners and networth in the country 
  • President Trump once said, why not instead of giving low income workers Food Stamps, why not give them food instead? He was referring to the massive overhaul, the massive extra food that is produced by American Farmers yearly that ends up getting burned. There are literally children going to sleep tonight hunger, and we have fields of corn being burned because of supply and demand chain, we have cattle being put to sleep or slaughtered then destroyed because of supply and demand chain. The Former President said “Why can’t we just give that food away?” I know some economist is going to say, well that would destroy the cost of those products or create inflation amongst the food lines. Nonetheless, this food is only going to the hungry, those with the means would still buy as they do today without food stamps.

Limited Government Regulations ​

When you hear those words, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the right to bear arms, to protect my family, myself and my assets without the Government creating barriers to hinder me and others from doing so. For me it’s the idea that if I want to open a Barbershop without going to “Barber School” I should be able to open a Barbershop, the consumer should determine if I do a good job or not, not some obituary board, and school creating by Government to squeeze poor folks for every dime they have, further hinder them to open up businesses. Did you know that you need a license to practice medicine? I mean think about this, Dr. Sebi claimed that he could cure every single disease, he was sued by the New York State Medical Board for making false claims and he even faced prison time. 70 of  his patients testified in court on his behalf that he had cured them from disease such as aids, diabetes and all other sorts of diseases. Dr. Sebi was found not guilty and won his case but advised by the Courts, the Government that he could not practice medicine again in the state without a license. Here is a guy with proven results, people are paying him for his results, yet the Government creates barriers for him to cure. This reminds me of the biblical story, where the Pharisees told Jesus that it is not lawful to work on the Sabbath day, because Jesus had healed someone on the Sabbath. Jesus answered them by saying, which is better to heal on the Sabbath day or not too? There is literally millions of other instances where Government Regulations step in the way hindering, preventing, limiting the freedoms of the people, if elected to Congress I would comb through, one by one, these massive overreaching on the freedoms of the people and advocate daily for less Government Regulations and more liberty back to the people.

Update: Mask Mandates would fall under limited Government. Vaccine Mandates would fall under Limiting Government Regulations and overreach on the peoples liberties. Many states have passed Mask Mandates which should be a violation of the 1st amendment and now many employers and others are headed to mandating Vaccines, which violates all sorts of laws. Nonetheless, this is what we are talking about when we say limiting the Government Regulations and giving power back to the people. Everything should be voted on by the people, why are Mask Mandates decided by the people? Why are Vaccine Mandates decided by the people?

Prison Reform (Did the Crime, Did the Time)

How many years in prison is enough? When someone does a crime and then does the time, legally they have successfully fulfilled their punishment for their offenses. However, in many sectors of America this is not the case. In some states with a felony conviction you can not rent an apartment, in many states with a felony conviction you cannot own a gun, many jobs will not hire you with certain convictions on your record. Therefore, in most cases a person leaves prison after doing time for a crime unable to work legally, unable to protect themselves with a weapon legally, and unable to rent or own shelter legally. They might as well have left them in jail, because the ex-con is destined to go back to jail, given that legally they can’t do anything. This is a gross mishap we have made in American Civil society, we have to decide whether after someone has done their time, they’ve paid their debt or not.

My bill proposes that upon release former prisoners have all of their rights restored and criminal records permanently sealed. If you want to hold them accountable for what they did in the past, then keep them in jail and never let them out, but letting them out is an indication that you are saying they have paid their debt to society.

My proposal would let former prisoners enter back into society as freemen, not bound to return to prison. If elected to Congress I would propose federal legislation that supersedes the states to allow all rights under the constitution fully restored to those formerly incarcerated and records permanently sealed except in the case of legal proceedings.

Dr. Boyce Watkins Goes On an Epic Rant about the Democrat Party

I have been gone for a little, my podcast and activism will resume soon. I have been working on building my non-profit in hopes to help spread the principles of Conservatism Freedom and Liberty to Black America, for the betterment of our society. I must say, it has been a struggle, but I am on the tail end of it and I think ready to get back in the fight.

I recently came across this video f Dr. Boyce Watkins hammering the Democrat Party for all the atrocities they reside over in Black America. The only sad part about this video is after laying out all the negative effects the Liberal Progressives have had on Black America, of course in true Black America monolithic thought fashion, Dr. Boyce says but I can’t be a Republican and I can’t vote for Trump. Wouldn’t anything be better than doing the same thing over and over again. Isn’t that actually the definition of insanity?